Andy Westlake tests Pentax's latest fully featured mid-range DSLR with in-body image stabilisation

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Pentax K-70

AWB Colour:7/10
Dynamic Range:8/10
Image quality:8/10
LCD viewfinder:9/10


  • Effective in-body image stabilisation that works with every lens
  • Large, bright viewfinder is the best in class
  • Good contingent of external controls makes it easy to change settings


  • Relatively slow and clunky live view
  • In-camera JPEG processing needs a lot of twekaing for the best results
  • LCD screen isn't touch sensitive


Pentax K-70 review


Price as reviewed:

£559.00 (body only)

Pentax K-70 – Performance

Pentax K-70 review sample image

The camera’s auto white balance system tends to give overly cool JPEGs. Re-processing the DNG file (above) gives much more accurate colours.

In real-world use the K-70 turns out to be a pretty capable camera. Its metering is generally reliable, but as is often the case you’ll probably find yourself having to apply exposure compensation with unusually light or dark subjects. However, auto white balance tends too much towards the cool side for my tastes, and I generally preferred using a preset such as ‘daylight’ or ‘cloudy’.

If you want to use JPEGs out of the camera, then it’s worth taking time to understand the settings and decide which you prefer. For example, I find the default ‘bright’ colour mode over the top and prefer to use ‘natural’ instead. If you’d like to retain as much detail as possible, then it’s best to switch the sharpness mode to Fine, as the standard setting gives rather mushy results. Shooting raw gives the freedom to adjust this all after the event, using the well-designed in-camera raw converter.

The weather-resistant Pentax 18-135mm lens complements the K-70 pretty well. Like most superzooms, it’s sharpest in the middle of its range but much weaker towards either end, with visibly softer corners.

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