A tried-and-tested 16.28-million-pixel sensor, an impressive 81 weather seals and a 100% viewfinder could make the Pentax K-50 one of the best enthusiast cameras we have tested. Read the Pentax K-50 review...

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Pentax K-50 review


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Pentax K-50 review – Viewfinder, live view, LCD and video

The 100% viewfinder is another feature of the Pentax K-50 that will appeal to enthusiast photographers. Although it could be a little brighter, the viewfinder is a reasonable size and the 100% field of view is something that is normally reserved for professional-level DSLRs.

The 3in, 921,000-dot LCD screen is similar to those we have seen in other cameras, and it reveals a good amount of detail when reviewing images. The screen has an anti-reflective coating that works reasonably well, although as usual, bright sunlight still makes it a little awkward to see. Thankfully, different levels of brightness are available to help combat bright sunny conditions.

A lot of information is available when using the screen for live view, including 100% image magnification, highlight and shadow clipping warnings, and a live histogram. All these features should help to ensure that your images are correctly exposed and focused, while a series of grid overlays aids perfect composition.

Video can be recorded in 1920×1080-pixel full HD at a frame rate of 30fps, 25fps or 24fps. Footage is saved in MPEG-4 format with H.264 compression. Sadly, there is no external microphone socket, with sound recorded via the camera’s monaural microphone. Anyone serious about shooting video footage may be better suited to the Pentax K-5 II, which has an external microphone socket.

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