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Pentax K-5

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Pentax doubles its DSLR range to four cameras with its new 16.3-million-pixel K-5 flagship model. We find out what it is about the K-5 that justifies this status

The Competition

Nikon’s D7000 is almost the same price as the K-5, and Nikon broke through its 12-million-pixel prosumer DSLR resolution barrier with a 16.2-million-effective-pixel sensor, which is virtually the same as the Pentax K-5. Canon’s EOS 60D has an 18-million-pixel resolution sensor and is around £200 cheaper, although its polycarbonate body is a compromise.

Nikon’s new metering system in the D7000 has 2016 pixels and 39 AF points, whereas the K-5 has 77-segment metering and 11 AF points. Of the three, the K-5 is marginally the smallest and lightest. It also boasts the fastest ISO, which can be expanded up to 51,200, and the fastest frame rate at 7fps, which matches the Nikon D300S but not quite the 8fps of the EOS 7D.

  • Tested as: Enthusiast camera

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