It's been a long time coming, but now Nikon has released a DSLR in the style of its F-series film cameras. Can Nikon's 16.2-million-pixel, full-frame Df really live up to the hype? Read the Nikon Df review...

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Nikon Df review


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Nikon Df review – Autofocus

Although the Df may have fewer AF points than the 51 points of the Nikon D4, the 39 AF points of the Df are spread quite widely across the frame, and there shouldn’t be too many subjects that stray out of this range.

Of the 39 points, nine are cross-type points, and seven are sensitive down to an effective aperture of f/8. I found that these centre points worked well in low light, and although the low-light AF does not quite have the snap of the Nikon D4, it is certainly fast enough for most situations.

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