It's been a long time coming, but now Nikon has released a DSLR in the style of its F-series film cameras. Can Nikon's 16.2-million-pixel, full-frame Df really live up to the hype? Read the Nikon Df review...

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Nikon Df review


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Nikon Df review – Metering

Image: This image was deliberately underexposed by around 1EV to preserve as much highlight detail as possible, which could be recovered from the raw image when it was processed

As with other Nikon cameras that we have tested with the same 2016-pixel RGB metering sensor, I had no major issues with exposures created using the Df’s evaluative metering mode. It tends to be metered towards creating a bright overall image, which results in highlights that sometimes look a little too bright.

Where I could, I left the metering to its own devices, knowing that there is enough dynamic range to recover highlight detail, and the brighter exposures mean that shadow noise needn’t be an issue. I did reduce the exposure by around 1EV, but having a dial on the camera’s top-plate with which to do this made it an extremely quick process.

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