Photographers everywhere loved the Nikon D800 and D800E, and now comes the Nikon D810 as the firm's latest high-resolution workhorse camera. Is it a worthy successor? Callum McInerney-Riley finds out in our Nikon D810 review

Product Overview

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Nikon D810

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  • 36.3-million-pixel, full-frame sensor
  • No optical low-pass filter
  • Fast, accurate 51-point AF system


  • Large file size at full resolution
  • Heavy and sizeable build


Nikon D810 review


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Image Quality

Nikon D810 review – Image Quality

With its 36.3-million-pixel, full-frame sensor with no optical low-pass filter, the D810 delivers an impressive amount of detail that’s matched only by the D800E and Sony Alpha 7R. You’ll need impeccable technique to exploit this fully, though: using sharp lenses at their optimum apertures, perfectly focused, and shot either on a tripod or at high shutter speeds to avoid blur.

Nikon D810 Sample Image Gallery

On this note, the D810’s electronic first-curtain shutter should help to keep to a minimum any sharpness loss from mechanical vibrations.

Dynamic range is very high at low ISOs, which in practice means you can extract lots of detail from deep in the shadows in raw processing. The camera’s highlight metering mode can help to get the best exposures for this approach to shooting, by minimising clipping in bright areas of the image.

Nikon D810 Sample Image Gallery

At higher ISOs, image quality deteriorates, but only the 12.2-million-pixel Sony Alpha 7S is likely to give obviously better results.

Overall, it’s fair to say that the D810 is one of the most accomplished performers we’ve tested in terms of image quality, though with the caveat that it’s not massively better than the D800E. Only medium-format cameras have the potential to deliver obviously better images.

Nikon D810 Sample Image Gallery

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