A 24.1-million-pixel, APS-C sensor with no anti-aliasing filter should ensure large and sharp images from Nikon's new enthusiast-level DSLR, but there's a lot more to the D7100 than that. Read the Nikon D7100 review...

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Nikon D7100 review


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Nikon D7100 review – Metering

Like the D7000, the metering system in the D7100 makes use of a 2016-pixel RGB metering sensor. Information is taken by scene recognition, but it is difficult to see this. Exposures using evaluative metering are often too bright, showing no clear indication that the metering changes according to different shooting situations.

Certainly, when using evaluative metering for a scene that contains only small highlight areas, it is well worth dialling in around -0.7EV compensation to prevent the loss of this highlight detail. If time permits, a more accurate spot reading can be taken from the selected AF point, covering approximately 2.5% of the frame.

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