Is the 24.3-million-pixel Nikon D610 a cynical update or simply a great full-frame DSLR? Phil Hall finds out. Read the Nikon D610 review...

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Nikon D610

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Nikon D610 review


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Nikon D610 review – Metering and dynamic range

Image: The Nikon D610’s matrix metering system handled this high-contrast scene well


Like the Nikon D7100 and D600, the D610 uses a 2016-pixel RGB sensor, and on the whole it performs well, although I did find it necessary on the odd occasion to dial in -0.3EV to -0.7EV to retain highlight detail in relatively contrasty scenarios. For precise exposures, if time permits, I’d recommend switching to the D610’s spot-metering mode, with readings taken from the selected AF point.

Dynamic range

The D610 offers a very broad dynamic range, measured at 14.4EV, which is one of the widest of any camera. If that’s not enough, its Active D-Lighting is available to lighten shadow areas in the scene (JPEG only). There’s an HDR mode too, with shots taken in quick succession at different exposures and then combined in-camera for an even greater tonal range. Again, this is a JPEG-only mode and I would strongly recommend a tripod for this.

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