Nikon’s new D600 offers an appealing upgrade path for consumer users. We put it to the test to find out just how good this full-frame, entry-level model really is. Read the Nikon D600 review...

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Nikon D600

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Nikon D600 review


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The competition

Image: Canon EOS 6D 

It was perhaps inevitable that both Nikon and Canon would look to supplement their full-frame offerings with a second, more affordable model. Their close proximity in release dates can only serve to benefit the buyer, as prices are likely to be matched to undercut each other.

The Canon EOS 6D follows similar principles to the D600, including a lower-resolution sensor and more basic AF system. With fewer AF points and pixels than the D600, the 6D could be seen as having a disadvantage, but it does boast built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and a higher ISO 102,400 setting.

While aimed more at the D800 and Canon EOS 5D Mark III market, Sony’s new full-frame Alpha 99 is also likely to be on photographers’ shortlists. It also uses a 24.3-million-pixel sensor, but features on-sensor phase detection to create a dual-phase system, 10fps shooting and a high-quality electronic viewfinder screen. The existing full-frame models are also likely to be seen as competition, particularly while the price difference between the D600 and the D800 is relatively small, and older models fall in price.

Image: Sony Alpha 99




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