With many of the same specifications as the D5300, but with an added vari-angle touchscreen and a tweaked body design, is the Nikon D5500 really offering enough to stand out from its predecessor?

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Nikon D5500

AWB Colour:
Dynamic Range:
LCD viewfinder:


  • - High-resolution sensor with no optical low-pass filter gives good image quality-
  • - Quick autofocus system
  • - Great colour rendition


  • - Lacks control buttons
  • - No built-in GPS module


Nikon D5500 Review


Price as reviewed:

£719.00 (with 18-55mm VR II kit lens)

Nikon D5500 Review – Focusing

Nikon D5500 Review sample image 4Take a look at our Nikon D5500 sample image gallery

A total of 39 AF points, including nine cross-type points, are featured inside the D5500, as is the Multi-CAM 4800DX focusing sensor. This is the same focusing set-up used by the D5200 and the D5300, which is no bad thing. In good light, the focusing locks on straight away, typically taking only a fraction of a second.

When faced with challenging low-light conditions, the focusing still finds its target in under a second with a little help from the AF assist beam.

Autofocusing in live view is still rather slow, but its saving grace is that it’s consistent and accurate when it does lock on.

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