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Nikon D5500

  • Features:
  • Build/Handling:
  • Metering:
  • Autofocus:
  • AWB Colour:
  • Dynamic Range:
  • LCD viewfinder:


  • - High-resolution sensor with no optical low-pass filter gives good image quality-
  • - Quick autofocus system
  • - Great colour rendition


  • - Lacks control buttons
  • - No built-in GPS module



Price as Reviewed:

£719.00 (with 18-55mm VR II kit lens)


With many of the same specifications as the D5300, but with an added vari-angle touchscreen and a tweaked body design, is the Nikon D5500 really offering enough to stand out from its predecessor?

Nikon D5500 Review – Viewfinder and Screen

Nikon D5500 Review -product-shot-12

The D5500 brings touchscreen functionality to the D5000 series

In the D5300, we saw a redesigned pentamirror system inside the viewfinder that allowed a 0.82x magnification compared to the 0.78x magnification in the D5200. This same specification is carried over to the D5500, resulting in a reasonably large and clear viewfinder.

Just like the D5300, the D5500 has a 1.04-million-dot, vari-angle LCD. However, this screen now boasts touchscreen functionality, which greatly adds to the usability of the camera. Overall, the touchscreen is responsive and touch controls work very well. Video users will find the ability to change settings in video, without physical buttons, great as they won’t nudge the camera out of position and the button presses won’t be audible. Also, when using the vari-angle screen to shoot at high angles, the ability to tap the touchscreen to activate the shutter is a very welcome feature – though what I find most useful is pinch zooming to check focus quickly.

In terms of resolution and colour, there’s nothing to complain about with the D5500. Colours are clear, punchy and true to the scene on the back of the camera, and the screen’s refresh rate is also very good. Overall, the screen resolution is on a par, or better than, most entry-level DSLRs.

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