With a 24.2-million-pixel-sensor, a new Expeed 4 processor, Wi-Fi and GPS functionality, has Nikon done enough to make the D5300 stand out from previous models? Read the Nikon D5300 review to find out...

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Nikon D5300 review


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Nikon D5300 review – Autofocus

The Nikon D5300 has the same Multi-CAM 4800DX AF sensor with 39 points, including nine cross-type points, as that found in the D5200. I found that when focusing in situations with lots of available light, the camera took just a fraction of a second to lock. Even in low-light situations, the D5300 usually took well under 1sec to achieve focus and rarely did it hunt or miss focus. Also in low light, close-range focusing is aided by the AF assist beam. However, due to the size of the body, larger lenses and/or lens hoods will obstruct the AF assist beam from illuminating the scene.

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