It is compact and beginner-friendly, yet the Nikon D5200 has the spec of an enthusiast-level DSLR, packing a 24.1-million-pixel sensor, 39-point AF system and articulated LCD screen. Read the Nikon D5200 review...

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Nikon D5200 review – Metering

The Nikon D5200 uses the same 2016-pixel metering sensor as that found in the enthusiast-level D7000, which, on paper, is a more sophisticated system than the 420-pixel metering sensor in the D3200. However, in reality it is difficult to see any differences in behaviour between the systems. Both use scene detection to improve the accuracy of exposure and white balance. However, the metering sensor used in the D800 is much more sophisticated and can use factors such as face detection to alter the exposure.

In a typical overcast landscape with equal portions of land and sky, the system overexposes a little, which can result in well-exposed land but burnt-out sky areas. Taking the exposure down a notch using exposure compensation is quick, while another option, given the good dynamic range and therefore usable shadow detail, is to brighten shadow details post-capture using software. Overall, though, the metering system is predictable, so with understanding of how it behaves it is possible to get the right exposures first time.

In live view, metering can be linked to the AF point. This is useful when taking portraits because the exposure and focus will be correct to the subject. For landscapes, however, metering for the land can result in the sky blowing out.

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