The 16.2-million-pixel D4 professional DSLR is Nikon’s attempt to improve upon its own D3S, one of the best cameras we have ever reviewed

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Nikon D4

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Nikon D4 review


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Dynamic Range

There is little that is surprising about the dynamic range of the D4 and it is comparable to other cameras of a similar specification. While I found that the camera could recover a good amount of detail from the highlight and shadow areas of raw files, it isn’t quite as impressive as the D7000.

My ‘real-world’ findings are supported by the results at, which shows that at ISO 100 the D4 has a dynamic range as high as 13.1EV. This is respectable without being outstanding, especially given that it is a full-frame sensor. As a comparison, DxO rated the D7000, with its smaller APS-C-sized sensor, as having a dynamic range of 13.9EV.

Image: The dynamic range and colour of JPEG images is good, but I found that much more data can be extracted from raw images

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