The 16.2-million-pixel D4 professional DSLR is Nikon’s attempt to improve upon its own D3S, one of the best cameras we have ever reviewed

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Nikon D4

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Nikon D4 review


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White Balance and Colour

The new 91,000-pixel RGB metering sensor also helps provide the auto white balance settings for the camera. Again, this works well, and there is little perceivable difference between the D3S and D4.

Like the Nikon D7000, the D4 has Auto1 and Auto2 AWB settings. The first of these produces an auto white balance that will detect tungsten lighting and correct it completely, while the second will still leave a hint of the tungsten colour in the scene. This is great for wedding photographers who may wish to take neutral images to keep the bride’s dress completely white, but later prefer some of the natural colour to be left in the scene for more candid, documentary-style images.

The D4’s colour and contrast settings are unchanged from the Nikon D3S, and like other Nikon enthusiast and professional DSLRs, there is a Manage Picture Control feature, which allows the individual settings of each colour to be tweaked. New image styles can also be created using Nikon’s Capture NX2 software and then loaded to a memory card and onto the camera.

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