Don’t be fooled by the entry-level status of the Nikon D3300. With a 24.2-million-pixel sensor and no anti-aliasing filter, the diminutive DSLR has ideas far above its station. Richard Sibley finds out just how good this £500 DSLR really is. Read the Nikon D3300 review...

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Nikon D3300

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Nikon D3300 review


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Dynamic range

Image: Even when editing JPEG images, there is a reasonable amount of detail that can be recovered from shadow areas

The D3300’s dynamic range of 12.98EV at ISO 100 is good for a camera at this level, particularly given its high resolution. Even when editing JPEGs, I was able to reveal more detail in shadow areas than I was expecting, although as usual there is very little in terms of extra highlight detail that can be rescued.

Raw files are impressive, and it is possible to increase the exposure of darker areas by around 2EV, although you have to be very careful not to introduce too much noise, but there is plenty of detail in highlights to produce lovely looking skies. Once again, the dynamic range is very impressive and comparable to cameras in a much higher price bracket.

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