It’s been a long time coming: the Leica M9 is the first full-frame digital rangefinder. Does it live up to the Leica name?

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Leica M9


Leica M9 review


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White balance and colour

The M9’s auto white balance is equally reliable, and although the rendition of the 2.5in LCD screen is rather cool, once the images are transferred to a computer they are generally much more vibrant than they appeared on the back of the camera, and colours are accurate.

As always, when shooting JPEGs it pays to switch to a custom reading, but AWB delivers acceptable accuracy 
in most situations. Often, in fact, images shot in daylight are warmer and more accurate with AWB than 
the ‘daylight’ WB setting.

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Features
  3. 3. Build and handling
  4. 4. White balance and colour
  5. 5. Metering
  6. 6. Autofocus
  7. 7. Resolution, noise and sensitivity
  8. 8. Dynamic range and Gamut
  9. 9. LCD and viewfinder
  10. 10. Our verdict
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