Falling prices mean it might not be too long before medium-format photography is back on the agenda for enthusiasts, but what can we expect from a digital medium-format camera?

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Hasselblad H4D-40


Hasselblad H4D-40 review


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Still Life Shoot Mirror-slap

A quick look at my first few images confirmed my suspicions that the hefty clack of the mirror was introducing some shake and that mirror lock-up was required.

Although I had located the appropriate button for this feature, I had to check the manual to fathom out exactly how to use it. It turned out to be quite versatile and I set the camera to lift the mirror two seconds after I pressed the shutter release, then pause for a further two seconds before firing the shutter.

The result was blur-free images. My only frustration was that it doesn’t appear to be possible to set the camera to remain in this mode and the Enter (ISO/WB) and Save (AF) buttons need to be pressed between each exposure.

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