At last, it appears Canon has raised its game, in response to Nikon, and introducing a new breed of camera, the EOS 7D. We put it to the test...

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This is the first time we have seen Canon’s new 63-zone Focus Colour Luminance (iFCL) metering system. It uses subject distance data from the AF system along with colour and luminance (brightness) information to help determine the correct exposure. Instead of one metering sensor, the EOS 7D has two: one that is sensitive to red/green light, and another that is dedicated to green/blue light. The aim is to make the camera’s metering less sensitive to red light.

However, because the evaluative metering takes information from the AF point, it can make a huge difference where the AF point is positioned. With the AF point positioned over the grass of a landscape, for instance, I found the foreground was well exposed and the overcast sky burned out, but when the AF point was on the sky, the land was underexposed while detail was revealed in the sky.

Although the evaluative metering proved effective in a range of situations during this test, like many similar systems it can struggle in overcast conditions. It is something I want to continue to experiment with in the future.

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