At last, it appears Canon has raised its game, in response to Nikon, and introducing a new breed of camera, the EOS 7D. We put it to the test...

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Canon EOS 7D


Canon EOS 7D review


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White balance and colour

There doesn’t appear to be anything new about the white balance system of the EOS 7D and it puts in a solid performance in a range of lighting conditions. Images aren’t over-corrected and they contain a hint of the colour of the light at the time the shot was taken.

As usual, the EOS 7D has a collection of preset Picture Styles (Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful and monochrome), plus three that may be set to the user’s preferences. Control is provided over the sharpness, contrast, saturation and colour tone of colour images, and the sharpness, contrast, filter effect and toning effect of monochrome shots.

The Standard mode can be a little oversaturated for my taste, and I usually prefer to use the Neutral or Faithful options.

When I used the supplied Digital Photo Pro software to apply the Landscape Picture Style to a few raw file images of autumn leaves, I found the reds became very uniform and unnatural-looking, with a loss of tonal gradation and detail.

This JPEG image was taken at ISO 12,800. There is no visible banding, the noise is well controlled and there is plenty of detail in the sharp areas of the shot, but there are a few bright red pixels that stand out from the surroundings more than they should.

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