Michael Topham finds out if the EOS 760D justify its higher price and is it the best choice for aspiring enthusiasts

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Canon EOS 760D

AWB Colour:
Dynamic Range:
LCD viewfinder:


  • + 19 all cross type AF points for accurate subject tracking
  • + Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity for easy sharing and transfer
  • + Extremely responsive 3in, 1040k-dot Vari-angle touchscreen


  • - Viewfinder doesn’t provide 100% frame coverage
  • - Doesn’t accept the 700D’s LP-E8 battery
  • - No weather sealing
  • - No Wi-Fi button on the body


Canon EOS 760D Review


Price as reviewed:

£649.00 (Body Only)

Canon EOS 760D Review – Image Quality

EOS 750 Sample Gallery

Canon EOS 760D Sample Image Gallery

Canon has been put under pressure from other manufacturers to increase the resolution of their beginner DSLRs and the 24.2-million-pixel sensor the 750D and 760D employ bring both models into line with their closest rivals. Whereas the Pentax K-S2 and Nikon D5500 both go without an anti-aliasing filter in bid to ensure they resolve the finest levels of detail, the 750D and 760D hold onto an anti-aliasing filter. With this in place, the 760D doesn’t resolve quite the same super-fine level of detail, but the 3200l/ph the sensor is capable of resolving at ISO 100 is what we’d expect from an APS-C sensor with an anti-aliasing filter.

Just like the 750D, the 760D’s dynamic range is a little way off the best results we’ve recorded from DSLR’s that feature 24-million-pixel sensors. The lower dynamic range readout across the ISO indicates that shadow regions become increasingly noisy and allow less shadow detail to be pulled back from its raw files.

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