With only £50 separating the EOS 750D from the EOS 760D it asks the question; is there a need for two beginner models so similar in the Canon EOS line-up? Michael Topham investigates 

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Canon EOS 750D

AWB Colour:
Dynamic Range:
LCD viewfinder:


  • + 19 all cross type AF points for accurate subject tracking
  • + Wi-fi and NFC connectivity for easy sharing and transfer
  • + Extremely responsive 3in, 1040k-dot Vari-angle touchscreen
  • + Free Canon EOS 750D Companion app available to download


  • - Viewfinder doesn’t provide 100% frame coverage
  • - Doesn’t accept the 700D’s LP-E8 battery
  • - No weather sealing


Canon EOS 750D Review


Price as reviewed:

£689.99 (with 18-55mm kit lens)

Canon EOS 750D Review – Our Verdict

Canon EOS 750D product shot 9

There’s a lot the 750D shares with the 760D with regard to its innards, but on the outside it’s clear that the 750D’s ergonomics are better tailored for beginners who want a DSLR they can pick up and feel comfortable with straight away.

Splashing out an extra £50 to get an LCD panel on the top plate, an extra dial at the rear as well as few other minor gains might seem like a no-brainer, but unless you’re an enthusiast who has already invested in the EOS system the extras the 760D brings to the table aren’t absolutely essential and there’s a lot to like about the 750D’s simple layout and controls. The way your left hand doesn’t come into play unless you need to access the main menu or hit the info buttons means it can be used virtually single handedly.

Though the detail the sensor resolves doesn’t surpass that of the Nikon D5500, there are more than enough pixels on the chip to produce prints up to A2 size and users can feel confident of shooting at up to ISO 3200 and even 6400 at a push, without the fear of noise severely degrading image quality. The slight disappointment is that you can’t pull back as much detail out of the shadows from raw files as you can from its APS-C competitors.

In other respects, autofocus both in and out of live view is fast and responsive, the touchscreen’s sensitivity is superb and the level of control you’re given through Canon’s Camera Connect app when the 750D’s Wi-fi functionality is deployed puts some other manufacturers apps to shame. It should also be noted, that while the 18-55mm kit lens has a predominately plastic finish, it goes about its business of focusing quickly and silently.

To summarize, the 750D makes a great choice for beginners making their first inroads into DSLR photography. It comes with a complimentary set of features to tempt those away from the competition and as you’d expect from a DSLR it handles particularly well during prolonged spells of shooting.

Given that the 1200D and 100D current cost £370 and £330 less respectively at the time of writing, there are cheaper beginner DSLR’s available, however they’re not as feature-packed and are unlikely to serve your needs as well in the long term. If your budget can stretch to the 750D, its advanced features and functionality make it worth the extra outlay.

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