With a new 20.2-million-pixel sensor, 19 cross-type AF points and an impressive 7fps shooting rate, Richard Sibley finds out whether the Canon EOS 70D is the best enthusiast DSLR on the market. Read the Canon EOS 70D review...

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Canon EOS 70D review


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Canon EOS 70D review – The competition

The Nikon D7100 is the camera most likely to be compared against the Canon EOS 70D. The 24.1-million-pixel Nikon DSLR was released in February this year and can now be purchased for around £840, which is over £200 less the EOS 70D’s RRP. In terms of features, the two cameras are quite similar, although having used both I feel that the Canon model is the more professional.

As it features the same AF system, the 70D will also be compared to the EOS 7D. The latter camera is now four years old, but it has a good AF system and a magnesium-alloy body, and currently retails for about the same amount as the initial price of the EOS 70D. There is very little difference in resolution, however, and the older DSLR does lack some of the new features you would expect from a contemporary model, such as Wi-Fi compatibility.

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