Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS extend the possibilities with Canon’s ‘affordable’ 20.2-million-pixel, full-frame EOS 6D. Read the Canon EOS 6D review...

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Canon EOS 6D review


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Canon EOS 6D review – Autofocus

On paper, the 11-point AF system is modest, especially when compared to the 39-point set-up of the Nikon D600 or even the 19-point system used by the EOS 7D. However, the central cross-type point in the EOS 6D is sensitive down to -3EV, which means it should operate in conditions as dark as moonlight. Certainly, in such conditions it is vital to have the subject covered by this sensitive central point in order to achieve an accurate and sharp focus. The speed of focus when the central point is in use is snappy, even in low light, but at times it can be hit and miss when under moonlight. In bright conditions when capturing static subjects, AF is as quick as I would expect, and as fast as is necessary for general use.

The AF system is not designed for fast action, though. Compared to a camera designed for sports, such as the firm’s own EOS-1D X, the AF modes on the EOS 6D are basic and designed for everyday shooting – for which the camera caters perfectly well. When recording fast action, it is wise to select speed priority over focus priority to ensure that the camera keeps up with the subjects, and that it continues to trigger during the sequence.

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