Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS extend the possibilities with Canon’s ‘affordable’ 20.2-million-pixel, full-frame EOS 6D. Read the Canon EOS 6D review...

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Canon EOS 6D review


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Canon EOS 6D review – Noise, resolution and sensitivity

Image: Luminance noise is evident in this raw image taken at ISO 12,800, but detail is still relatively crisp

A 20.2-million-pixel resolution provides a maximum 5472×3648-pixel output, which equates to prints of approximately 18.24×12.16in when the print resolution is set to 300ppi. So, for those who do not regularly print much larger than A3-size, the EOS 6D is more than capable.

With the camera set to the largest file size, it is capable of resolving up to the 30 marker on our resolution charts. There is actually an impression of detail all the way to the end of the charts, which is particularly impressive. The ISO 100-25,600 range can be extended to ISO 50-102,400, which is class leading. Even in the extended high settings, the level of resolved detail is up to the 24 marker. This is no doubt thanks to what is a relatively low pixel count and the work Canon has put into the performance of the sensor in low light.

So while the resolved detail in good light is not class leading, the low-light performance stands out.

Luminance noise becomes evident in images taken at ISO 1600, but of several portraits taken in fading daylight at ISO 3200 detail is still crisp when viewed at 100%. Furthermore, colours are still bold, which shows just how uniform the luminance noise is in these portrait images. From ISO 6400 upwards, luminance noise steadily increases and by ISO 25,600, detail is more patchy. The extended settings are best used as a last resort, but to have the option in the first place of shooting at ISO 102,400 is no mean feat. In short, the EOS 6D is an able performer.

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