Canon’s EOS-1D Mark III failed to impress some professional photographers, but perhaps the new 16.1-million-pixel Canon EOS-1D Mark IV version will regain their confidence

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Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

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Canon EOS-1D Mark IV review


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According to Canon, although the EOS-1D Mark IV has the same 63-zone metering system as the camera it replaces, its evaluative metering algorithm has been altered to make it less dependent upon the subject.

However, when shooting a football match with a team in white against a team in mid-green, I noticed that the exposure varied depending upon what colour shirt the active AF point was over.

When a player in white was the main subject, the shirt was accurately exposed and looked white, not grey, with no flashing highlight warning on the LCD screen.

When the AF point was over a green shirt, however, the camera often selected an exposure that resulted in some of the opposing team’s kit being burnt out and the highlight alert could be seen flashing on the brightest parts of the image.

Consequently, I found it safer to reduce the exposure by 2⁄3-1EV. This meant that some of the images needed brightening post-capture, but they survived the process and look good. In most situations, though, the evaluative metering does a very good job.

Image: I increased the exposure suggested by the evaluation metering system by 1/3EV to introduce some highlights on the droplets and then darkened the sky in Photoshop to get the result I wanted

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