The Canon EOS 1200D is an entry-level DSLR that joins a very crowded market, so what are the features that distinguish this model from all the others? Read the Canon EOS 1200D review to find out

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Canon EOS 1200D

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Canon EOS 1200D review


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Canon EOS 1200D review – White balance and colour

Image: By tweaking the green bias in the white balance setting, it is possible to neutralise or override some more dominant colours

Users can access the white balance menu on the EOS 1200D by tapping the button on the D-pad at the rear of the camera. Inside this menu are several options. There are preset white balances for daylight, shade, cloudy, tungsten, white fluorescent and flash, as well as automatic white balance (AWB) and custom white balance. As expected from a company such as Canon, the white balance is extremely accurate, producing images that do not shift greatly in warmer or colder tones. When scenes do require a slight tweak of the white balance settings, it is possible to change the blue/amber or magenta/green bias by a value of ±9.

Overall, the EOS 1200D excels in its rendering of colour, giving true-to-scene tones. In landscapes, skies are vibrant and punchy without appearing oversaturated, while tungsten light and skin tones are rich in colour.

Like most EOS models, the EOS 1200D features a variety of picture styles. As standard, there are a number of presets, including auto, standard, portrait, landscape, neutral, faithful and monochrome, plus three user-defined settings. These can be used to adjust sharpness, contrast, saturation and colour tone to the user’s taste.

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