The Canon EOS 1200D is an entry-level DSLR that joins a very crowded market, so what are the features that distinguish this model from all the others? Read the Canon EOS 1200D review to find out

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Canon EOS 1200D

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Canon EOS 1200D review


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Canon EOS 1200D review – Our verdict

When compared with the Canon EOS 100D, Nikon D3300 and Pentax K-5, the Canon EOS 1200D does not exactly overwhelm in terms of specification, and neither does it excel in any given area. However, the current RRP of this camera is £349.99 body only, so it is expected that the street price will make the EOS 1200D a more affordable option in the future compared with its competitors. Also, while the specification of the EOS 1200D doesn’t dazzle, it should be perfectly adequate for the first-time user. It would have been great to see more than nine AF points, to shoot more than 3fps and to have a higher resolution screen, but these are not essential to many amateurs.

The best thing about the EOS 1200D is that the important things are right. The AF system offers both accuracy and speed, even in low-light situations. Equally impressive are the high ISO sensitivity capabilities. Unlike many cameras, I would be happy to use the EOS 1200D through its entire native sensitivity range (ISO 100-6400). Its construction is durable and overall the EOS 1200D is very easy to use for the beginner.

Canon EOS 1200D – Key features

Canon hotshoe
As well as a pop-up flash, the EOS 1200D also features a hotshoe. This allows users to attach any of Canon’s current flashguns as well as third-party alternatives.

Zoom button
This button is used for zooming into images during playback, but it can also be used to enlarge and area when in live view using manual focus.

Under a small rubberised flap is the HDMI, Micro USB and cable release port.

Exposure compensation
In program, AV, TV and video mode, holding this button down and using the scroll adjusts the exposure compensation by ±3 EV in 0.3EV increments.

Q button
This button will take users onto the back of the LCD and allow them to navigate and change different settings using the D-pad and the scroll wheel.

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