Almost three years on from its release, Canon has updated its entry-level DSLR with HD video, an improved sensor and greater ISO range. We put the Canon EOS 1100D to the test

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Canon EOS 1100D

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Canon EOS 1100D review


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Dynamic range

The measured dynamic range of the EOS 1100D according to DxO ( is 11EV, which is respectable for a camera at this level. It is a tiny improvement over the EOS 1000D and on a par with the Nikon D3100, although the Pentax K-r has a range that is greater by 1.5EV.

In real-world settings, the 11EV dynamic range gives a good range of tone and, as with other similar models, there is plenty of detail that can be extracted from dark shadow areas, particularly in raw files. In light of this, it is better to meter for just before the highlights burn out and then boost shadow areas. The auto lighting optimiser, which can be found in the main menu, boosts the extreme ends of the dynamic range and has three levels of strength.

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