Almost three years on from its release, Canon has updated its entry-level DSLR with HD video, an improved sensor and greater ISO range. We put the Canon EOS 1100D to the test

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Canon EOS 1100D

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Canon EOS 1100D review


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Metering is one of the few controls that does not have a dedicated button on the camera body; instead, it is accessed by the quick or main menu. Its 63-area, iFCL colour-sensitive metering system is the same one used in the EOS 7D, which is impressive given the level of the EOS 1100D. The 63-area metering covers the entire frame and areas can be individually selected in the partial metering setting. Centreweighted metering is also available.

Taking a series of images while each time tilting the camera up from the ground to the sky showed a gradual change in exposure for highlights, midtones and shadows. This shows that the 1100D is not easily thrown by large bright or dark areas.

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