Almost three years on from its release, Canon has updated its entry-level DSLR with HD video, an improved sensor and greater ISO range. We put the Canon EOS 1100D to the test

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Canon EOS 1100D

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Canon EOS 1100D review


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The competition

Nikon D3100Canon’s EOS 1100D follows the release of a fine couple of entry-level DSLRs.

The Nikon D3100 boasts 1080p HD video, a 14.2-million-pixel sensor and a very helpful in-camera shooting guide.

The Pentax K-r is that company’s similarly priced option.

In its favour is 6fps shooting and a maximum sensitivity of ISO 25,600.

Pentax K-r



Both models feature a 3in LCD screen, with the K-r offering an impressive 921,000 dots.

All three cameras are similarly sized, but the K-r is a little heavier than the other two. For an even more lightweight option, compact system cameras offer a fine alternative to a DSLR.

Considering that models like the Samsung NX11 also feature APS-C-sized sensors, the choice is not an easy one to make.





Tested as:Entry-level DSLR
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