It may be the smallest and lightest DSLR currently in production, but does the 18-million-pixel Canon EOS 100D have what it takes to meet the demands of the enthusiast photographer? Find out in our Canon EOS 100D review...

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Canon EOS 100D

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Canon EOS 100D review


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Canon EOS 100D review – White balance and colour

In general, the Canon EOS 100D’s AWB setting worked well, though it produced rather a clinical neutral colour under tungsten light.

The usual array of Canon picture styles is available and it is possible to set three custom styles. I’m a big fan of the colour produced by Canon cameras and the EOS 100D doesn’t disappoint. In particular, I found that blues skies looked nicely saturated and took on an almost polarised appearance.

I don’t know whether this has anything to do with the lens coatings, but 
I suspect that it is more than likely due to 
the way the sensor and processor adjust 
the contrast curve and blue colours in images, regardless of which picture style 
is selected.

It is clear why EOS cameras 
are popular among landscape photographers, despite their slightly more restricted dynamic range compared to rival brands.

Image: This shot was taken inside an abandoned Douglas DC-3 plane. The scene was lit with three Canon Speedlites controlled by the ST-E2 wireless controller

Image: Colours produced by the Canon EOS 100D are excellent, and I particularly enjoyed using the monochrome setting with the red filter effect

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