It may be the smallest and lightest DSLR currently in production, but does the 18-million-pixel Canon EOS 100D have what it takes to meet the demands of the enthusiast photographer? Find out in our Canon EOS 100D review...

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Canon EOS 100D review


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Canon EOS 100D review – Dynamic range

Typically, the dynamic range of Canon EOS DSLRs with APS-C-sized sensors measures lower than that of many counterparts. For example, the EOS 650D employs a variant of the 18-million-pixel sensor used in the EOS 100D and, according to the results at DxO Mark (, this has a dynamic range of just 10.62EV. While this figure seems many EV lower than some rivals, I found that in practice it made little difference to the majority of my images.

As discussed in the Metering section, there seems to be sufficient headroom in the highlight areas to overexpose slightly from the nominal meter reading and recover some highlight detail that otherwise appears blown out.

It is in areas of shadow that there is less detail, with noise being introduced as these shadowy areas are lightened. For this reason it is best to produce images that are slightly lighter, thereby giving areas of shadow as much light as possible before darkening them when processing the raw file.

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