It may be the smallest and lightest DSLR currently in production, but does the 18-million-pixel Canon EOS 100D have what it takes to meet the demands of the enthusiast photographer? Find out in our Canon EOS 100D review...

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Canon EOS 100D

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Canon EOS 100D review


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Canon EOS 100D review – Build and handling

The Canon EOS 100D consists of an aluminium alloy core, surrounded by a combination 
of polycarbonate resin, carbon and glass fibre to add strength while keeping the 
body as light as possible. I was happy to 
have the camera slung over my shoulder 
all day, and at just 407g, including 
battery and card, the weight was hardly noticeable.

Despite the small size, I found that the Canon EOS 100D handled well. As with compact system cameras, the buttons have all been strategically placed to maximise their number while ensuring ease of use. Also, the handgrip has not been compromised, being almost as large as would be found on the other cameras in the EOS range.

One really nice ergonomic feature is the way the top-plate is slightly larger on one side, where it meets the handgrip. This affords more space on the top right of the camera in which to position a couple of buttons, notably the ISO sensitivity  control, right next to the shutter button. The grip also has a slight groove for the middle finger, which helps to provide additional purchase.

Changing settings is fairly straightforward, with the camera’s quick menu providing access to those that are used the most. As the Canon EOS 100D sports fewer buttons than would be found on a higher-level camera, I found myself using the quick menu to change the majority of settings, except for ISO and exposure compensation, both of which have dedicated buttons.

In addition, there is a customisable function button, and with ergonomics clearly a high priority on this camera, it can be easily pressed by the thumb when shooting.


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