It may be the smallest and lightest DSLR currently in production, but does the 18-million-pixel Canon EOS 100D have what it takes to meet the demands of the enthusiast photographer? Find out in our Canon EOS 100D review...

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Canon EOS 100D

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Canon EOS 100D review


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Canon EOS 100D review – The competition

I might seem odd to pick two Canon cameras as key competitors, but the Canon EOS 100D sits in a slightly odd place in the EOS range. Canon users looking for a smaller, lighter alternative may be tempted by the EOS M, but the size and weight of the EOS 100D is going to appeal too, especially as it is compatible with existing lenses.

Sitting above the Canon EOS 100D is the EOS 700D, which has a very similar specification, but a larger body, which may also suit some photographers.

Aside from Canon, Panasonic’s new Lumix DMC-G6, which is a DSLR-style CSC, is around the same price as the Canon EOS 100D and also has a good specification. See our Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6 review here.

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