Sony has redefined its most junior NEX proposition with the NEX-3N, the smallest compact system camera to offer an APS-C sensor. Matt Golowczynski puts it to the test

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Sony NEX-3N

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Sony NEX-3N review


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Sony NEX-3N review – White balance and colour

In natural light the NEX-3N manages to capture images with consistently accurate white balance, in turn producing lifelike colours. For this reason, images captured in sunnier conditions can benefit from the vivid creative style, which injects a slight vibrancy into blue skies and foliage. Impressively, the camera’s fine auto white balance performance continues under artificial light, as well as conditions in which both natural and artificial sources are present. The only time the camera appeared to be producing a slightly different result to that expected was inside a church lit with a combination of natural light and halogen spotlights, although the difference was slight and not beyond a reasonable margin of error. 

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