Sony has redefined its most junior NEX proposition with the NEX-3N, the smallest compact system camera to offer an APS-C sensor. Matt Golowczynski puts it to the test

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Sony NEX-3N

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Sony NEX-3N review


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Sony NEX-3N review – Metering

Image: Although the original image appears slightly underexposed, using the DRO function to lift shadow areas retains more highlight detail than dialling in exposure compensation

Most of the time the NEX-3N can be relied upon to deliver accurately exposed images. The types of conditions in which many other cameras would normally be fooled into underexposure – such as when the scene is dominated by brighter skies – give the camera little difficulty, typically underexposing only by a touch. Studying the histograms of problematic scenes shows that the camera attempts to lose as little detail in highlights as possible – for this reason it’s useful to keep the dynamic range optimiser on to help fill in any shadowy areas.

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