A 16.1-million-pixel sensor, LCD touchscreen and increased shooting rate to 10fps are just three of the upgrades to Sony’s NEX-5N compact system camera. We put it to the test

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Sony NEX-5N review


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Image: Face detection is accurate and the in-camera black & white mode can be customised

The contrast AF system generally works well and the focus snaps quickly into position. However, in low light there were a couple of times when it failed to find focus. One thing that the touchscreen is very useful for is selecting an AF point. Simply touching the screen makes this a far quicker process than using any of the directional controls. It is a feature that can also be found on the latest Panasonic G-series cameras.

However, the NEX-5N is missing one feature that the Panasonic G-series cameras have and that is the touch shutter feature, which selects the AF point and takes an image when the screen is touched. It would be good to see this feature incorporated into the NEX-5N at some point, and it could be applied via a firmware update in the future.

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