A 16.1-million-pixel sensor, LCD touchscreen and increased shooting rate to 10fps are just three of the upgrades to Sony’s NEX-5N compact system camera. We put it to the test

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White Balance and Colour

Again, there is nothing too surprising about the way that Sony NEX-5N handles colour. There are a number of different creative styles, and each can be customised to suit individual photographers’ requirements.

Similarly, there is a range of white balance settings to suit almost any situation, and these can be adjusted for greater accuracy. One thing to note is that the AWB setting leaves a lot of yellow/orange in the scene, and certainly more than most people will find acceptable.

The tungsten setting produces a more clinical result, with neutral whites. A workaround for this is to edit the tungsten default and add just a hint of yellow/orange to the setting to obtain a realistic interpretation of a tungsten-lit scene. However, it all depends on your own personal taste.

Outside, the AWB setting works very well and doesn’t reduce natural colours too much, so images retain some of the natural ambient vibrance.

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