A 16.1-million-pixel sensor, LCD touchscreen and increased shooting rate to 10fps are just three of the upgrades to Sony’s NEX-5N compact system camera. We put it to the test

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While the evaluative metering on the NEX-5N works well, there are a few things to note. In the various manual exposure modes (aperture and shutter priority, manual and program) it appears that the AF point doesn’t have any effect on the exposure.

When we set the camera to evaluative metering and used the touchscreen to change the AF point to different areas of brightness in the scene, the exposure settings didn’t change. I didn’t find this an issue because I much prefer the consistency gained by the exposure not being affected by the AF point.

Centre spot metering and centreweighted metering are available for more awkward scenes, although it would be better to have selectable spot metering rather than just a centre spot. Obviously, other scene modes do take the AF area into consideration with, for example, the face recognition mode focusing and exposing for skintones.

Despite these few quirks, the evaluative metering performs extremely well, even when dealing with very difficult backlit scenes, and there will be few situations where the other metering methods will
be needed.

Image: The camera meters backlit scenes well, and a great amount of detail can be recovered from the shadow areas of raw images

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