Is the Alpha 7S II the best choice for those specialising in video and low-light photography? Michael Topham finds out how well it performs in these two key areas

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Sony Alpha 7S II

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Sony Alpha 7S II Review


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£2,500.00 (Body Only)

Sony Alpha 7S II Review – Image Quality: Dynamic Range

Sony A7S II

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Dynamic Range

At its lowest native sensitivity setting, our dynamic range figures measured a highly impressive 13.3EV at ISO 100 – a similar readout to the 13.1EV figure recorded by the Alpha 7R II at the same sensitivity. As our dynamic range graph shows, the figures remain above 12EV up to ISO 800, dipping to 11.4EV at ISO 1,600. Pushing past ISO 1,600, results drop to 10.3EV and 9.3EV at ISO 6,400 and ISO 12,800 respectively. Shadow tones gradually get noisier when more is asked of the sensor, but figures remain above 6EV up to ISO 102,400, indicating there’s great scope when it comes to pulling back shadow detail.

Sony A7S II Dynamic Range

Sony Alpha 7S II Dynamic Range

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