A full-frame CSC with a 36.3-million-pixel sensor – the Sony Alpha 7R promises much but does it deliver? Read the Sony Alpha 7R review to find out...

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Sony Alpha 7R review – Viewfinder, LCD, live view and video

Looking through the 2.359-million-dot electronic viewfinder, it would be easy to forget you are looking at a digital display were it not for the various settings that the EVF shows. The refresh rate of the screen is high enough that the viewfinder keeps up when panning or tracking, and it is great to be able to see the exact exposure of the image, and even preview the image just taken, without taking your eye away from the viewfinder. There is also a dual-axis level display so you can make sure your horizons are straight. Overall, it is an impressive EVF.

The 3in screen is of a similar high quality to the viewfinder, with a 921,600-dot resolution. It is generally bright and clear, although in the extreme sunlight of St Lucia, where I conducted this test, I did find myself having to turn the screen up to almost its maximum brightness when reviewing images. That said, the EVF can also be used to preview images, as well as for shooting, so bright sunlight should present no real problems. The articulation of the screen also proved useful when shooting low-angle images of the sun rising over a beach.

Small and lightweight with a full-frame sensor, the Alpha 7R should also prove popular with videographers. With various adapters available, and features such as focus peaking and Zebra highlight monitoring, it is possible to use a range of lenses and ensure that video footage is metered properly.

The Alpha 7R includes both external microphone and headphone sockets.

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