A full-frame CSC with a 36.3-million-pixel sensor – the Sony Alpha 7R promises much but does it deliver? Read the Sony Alpha 7R review to find out...

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Sony Alpha 7R review


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Sony Alpha 7R review – Metering

Image: This image of a sunrise was taken with a 3sec exposure

The metering of the Alpha 7R performs as expected. When in evaluative metering mode, the camera assesses the whole scene and produces a print-ready image. This does mean that there is some blown-out highlight detail in JPEGs, although the raw files have a higher tolerance. With a dedicated exposure compensation dial included, adjusting the exposure is simple, but the Alpha 7R has a few other features.

In the camera’s menu system is the somewhat curiously named Zebra feature. Primarily aimed at videographers, Zebra mode displays moving white & black stripes across areas of the image that have blown-out highlight detail, making it easy to spot areas that are overexposed.

Of course, spot and centreweighted metering are also on hand for more precise metering tasks.

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