The Sony Alpha 7R was revolutionary at the time of its release and delivered outstanding image quality in a compact form. Michael Topham finds out if the Sony Alpha 7R II is a significantly improved successor

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Sony Alpha 7R II

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  • + Stunning image quality with high levels of detail
  • + Refined body design with improved handling characteristics
  • + Wide autofocus coverage across the frame
  • + Superb 5-axis image stabilisation to correct for camera shake


  • - Large file sizes
  • - Low battery life (290 shots using viewfinder)
  • - Lacks touchscreen functionality


Sony Alpha 7R II Review


Price as reviewed:

£2,599.00 (Body Only)

Sony Alpha 7R II Review – Image Quality: Dynamic Range

Dynamic Range

At the Alpha 7R II’s lowest native sensitivity, our dynamic range figures measured 13.1EV at ISO 100. This sensational readout puts it ahead of the Sony Alpha 7R, which measured 12.4EV at the same sensitivity. Results remain above 12EV right up to ISO 800, indicating there should be plenty of additional shadow detail retrievable from raw files. Beyond ISO 800, results drop slightly to 11.5EV at ISO 1,600 and 10.2EV at ISO 3,200. Pushing up to ISO 6,400 sees the dynamic range drop to 8.5EV, indicating that detail in dark areas of an image is increasingly lost to noise. As the chart above illustrates, figures remain above the critical 6EV right up to ISO 51,200, only dropping below at ISO 102,400.

Sony A7R II DR

Sony Alpha 7R II Dynamic Range


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