The Sony Alpha 7R was revolutionary at the time of its release and delivered outstanding image quality in a compact form. Michael Topham finds out if the Sony Alpha 7R II is a significantly improved successor

Product Overview

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Sony Alpha 7R II

AWB Colour:
LCD viewfinder:
Dynamic Range:


  • + Stunning image quality with high levels of detail
  • + Refined body design with improved handling characteristics
  • + Wide autofocus coverage across the frame
  • + Superb 5-axis image stabilisation to correct for camera shake


  • - Large file sizes
  • - Low battery life (290 shots using viewfinder)
  • - Lacks touchscreen functionality


Sony Alpha 7R II Review


Price as reviewed:

£2,599.00 (Body Only)

Sony Alpha 7R II Review – Video Functionality

Sony hasn’t just concentrated on creating their best ever stills camera with the Alpha 7R II, they’ve created a camera that’s out to entice serious videographers too with a mightily impressive video spec. The inclusion of 4K-movie recording gives it an immediate advantage over the Alpha 7R, but it’s the way it’s capable of 4K internal recording with no pixel binning shooting in Super 35mm mode that sets it apart from what we’ve seen before in Sony’s Alpha 7-series. Using the XAVC-S codec it can record at a high 100Mbps bit rate in 4K – ideal for capturing fine movement details in movies, and 50Mbps is available in HD quality too.


The Alpha 7R II positions its headphone and microphone ports alongside the micro USB and micro HDMI interface

There’s a list of other professional video features, including ‘Picture Profiles’, which are becoming standard on most Sony cameras and allow you to fine-tune the look of movies by adjusting gradation, colour and detail before storing it as a profile for future use. ‘Time Coding’ and the ability to shoot in ‘S-Log2 Gamma’ will also appeal to videographers wishing to create a wider dynamic range for smooth graduation with reduced whiteout and blackout. Just as you’d expect from a camera that’s so well suited to videographers, it also features a pair of 3.5mm ports on its side for audio monitoring and connecting an external microphone.

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