The Alpha 7R was one of the best cameras we tested in 2013, but what of its sibling, the Alpha 7? Phil Hall tests the 24.3-million-pixel, full-frame CSC, Sony Alpha 7

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Sony Alpha 7 review


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Sony Alpha 7 review – Dynamic range

Image: The dynamic range is very good, retaining good levels of detail in both the highlights and shadows

At ISO 100, the dynamic range of the Alpha 7 is 13.14EV, which is about the same as the higher-resolution sensor of the Alpha 7R. This actually makes the 36.4-million-pixel sensor of the Alpha 7R look even more impressive, given that it is the more populated of the two.

In real-world tests, I found plenty of latitude for recovering highlight and shadow detail when processing the Alpha 7’s raw files in Adobe Lightroom.

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