Speed and quality are what the new 24.3-million-pixel Sony Alpha 6000 is all about. Capable of 0.06sec autofocus, Sony says it will never miss the perfect shot. Jon Devo takes aim. Read our Sony Alpha 6000 review...

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Sony Alpha 6000 review


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Sony Alpha 6000 review – Dynamic range

Shadow areas in high-contrast scenes retain a good amount of detail, particularly the raw files, but I found compressed JPEGs also contained recoverable shadow and highlight detail. In our dynamic range tests, the Alpha 6000 scored 12.26EV at ISO 100, which is on a par with Canon’s EOS 1200D and keeping up with the recently released DSLR throughout its sensitivity range.

In most conditions, I found colours from the Alpha 6000 to be rich and vibrant, and the reproduction of highlight and shadow detail is instantly pleasing, without the need to apply curves or adjustments in post-production.

Image: The Alpha 6000 captures great natural tones and depth in this image, shot at 1/500sec at f/4 and ISO 400

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