Speed and quality are what the new 24.3-million-pixel Sony Alpha 6000 is all about. Capable of 0.06sec autofocus, Sony says it will never miss the perfect shot. Jon Devo takes aim. Read our Sony Alpha 6000 review...

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Sony Alpha 6000 review


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Sony Alpha 6000 review – Metering

Image: Shooting a subject with the sun directly behind is a challenging metering scenario, but the Alpha 6000’s 1,200-zone evaluative metering system exposed well unassisted

The 1,200-zone evaluative multi-segment metering does a superb job of rendering true-to-life levels of exposure in most instances. The Alpha 6000’s ability to take a reading from a large portion of the frame makes for reliable meter readings that produce consistent results. Shooting a foreground subject with bright sunlight behind is one of the most challenging scenarios a metering system can face, but when left to its own devices the Alpha 6000 still captured pleasing results, only naturally losing highlight detail in the out-of-focus background.

Taking advantage of the camera’s spot and centreweighted metering does help, though, and the camera’s extensive ±5EV exposure compensation in 1⁄3 steps gives great additional control over exposures.

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