Speed and quality are what the new 24.3-million-pixel Sony Alpha 6000 is all about. Capable of 0.06sec autofocus, Sony says it will never miss the perfect shot. Jon Devo takes aim. Read our Sony Alpha 6000 review...

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Sony Alpha 6000 review


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Sony Alpha 6000 review – Build and handling

Designed to operate like a DSLR, the Alpha 6000 has dual shutter and aperture control via a shoulder dial behind the shutter and the selection wheel on the rear of the camera.

The ergonomically moulded, rubberised grip provides a firm hold, and Sony has smartly placed the dedicated movie record button just on the outer side of where your thumb naturally rests, making it easy to access while avoiding accidental pressing. The first of the two custom buttons, C1, sits beside the shutter button, while C2 can be used to delete images during playback mode, as well as be set to access a number of functions and quick menus.

The Fn button above the rear control wheel opens the shortcut menu and can also be used to connect to a smart device for image transfer. Auto-exposure lock (AEL), main menu and manual flash buttons sit along the top of the LCD screen, although given the numerous ways in which the Alpha 6000 can be customised, there’s little reason to delve into the main menu once you’ve got the camera set up how you like.

I found the Alpha 6000’s controls easy to access and operate during use. Within a short time of using the camera, I could adapt controls swiftly without even looking at the LCD or averting my attention away from compositions.

In terms of portability, most of the camera’s weight sits in the grip, which houses the battery and memory card, but this is countered by the weight of the lens, making the Alpha 6000 well balanced. It’s comfortable to operate one-handed, but for optimum comfort I preferred to use two hands and shoot through the EVF in the majority of instances.

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