Speed and quality are what the new 24.3-million-pixel Sony Alpha 6000 is all about. Capable of 0.06sec autofocus, Sony says it will never miss the perfect shot. Jon Devo takes aim. Read our Sony Alpha 6000 review...

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Sony Alpha 6000 review


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Sony Alpha 6000 review – Our verdict

Image: Improved image detail and natural colour reproduction are visible in this image, shown cropped at 100%

Striking a strong balance between aesthetics and performance, the Sony Alpha 6000 is a desirable camera with no standout flaws. Of course, improvements can – and will – always be made, but Sony largely hit the nail on the head with the NEX-6 and NEX-7 cameras, so rather than drastically overhauling those designs for their replacement, it has simply advanced the imaging technology and processing power of this updated model.

The improvements, particularly in low-light performance and speed, are significant enough to justify an existing NEX user upgrading, and I also believe the Alpha 6000 will challenge the entry-level DSLR market and appeal to advanced enthusiasts, just as Sony is hoping it will.

Top-spec technology and a host of cutting-edge features may just see the Alpha 6000 mirror the longevity and success of its predecessor and keep it competitive in years to come.

Sony Alpha 6000 review – Key features

Pop-up flash
The Alpha 6000’s flash pops up via a manual button on the rear of the camera. Its guide number of 6m @ ISO 100 is a good enough distance to use the flash for small group photos in low light.
AF points
The combination of fast 179-point hybrid autofocus and impressive 11fps continuous shooting means you should easily be able to home in on the action and get a winning shot.
Shooting tips in the Alpha 6000’s home menu provide photographic guidance on more than 100 subjects, from camera basics to scenario-specific advice, such as how to shoot star trails.
Titlable LCD
The ability to tilt the 3in LCD screen gives greater control over compositions, making it possible to capture images with unique perspectives that stand out.
One of the issues I often have with cameras that have a compact design is controls that are too small and difficult to use. The Alpha 6000’s dials, wheel and buttons are big enough to operate with ease, even while wearing gloves.
Dual control
Being able to adjust both the shutter speed and aperture independently is a great strength of the Alpha 6000, and will appeal to anyone keen to have DSLR-like control over settings.

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